Hookup Culture: A Natural Shift in Dating?


Researchers define hooking up as the “brief uncommitted sexual encounters among people who are not romantic partners.” Well, that pretty much explains everything. If you are dating someone or in love with someone, and then you two have sex, it has nothing to do with hookups. However, if none of you expects more, if you don’t want to meet weekly in a nice restaurant, if there is no courting, but you have great sex and nothing but sex, that is exactly what people usually call a “hookup.”

It is no secret that one-night stands, affairs, i.e., casual sex was strongly discouraged in society. This time is gone. The tremendous changes occurred over the past 60 years, and traditional romantic relationships and courting were gradually replaced with more casual relationships. Moreover, they became one of the social norms. They are not stigmatized or discouraged. At least, fewer and fewer people find them unacceptable.

So, hookups are not rare anymore. It is a new culture, and today we are going to take a closer look at it.

Hookups—How it Started and How it Is Going


Surprisingly, it all started with the invention of visual media. In the 1920s, the first adult content (images, scenes in movies) was created. However, censorship limited its spread until the 60s, when all people became more sexually liberated. That was a time feminism values were spread, more and more wild parties were visited, and more contraceptives were sold. Young adults cared more about new experiences than about mating.

This was the beginning of a new era. Media made a major contribution to the promotion of hookup culture. A lot of movies showed casual sex, encounters, affairs as they are, and in part, this made no strings attached popular. Do you remember the Hooking Up movie? Or No Strings Attached? Some may argue that in most such movies, characters usually fall in love sooner or later. Still, it doesn’t change anything. The media portrays hookups and casual sex as fun and acceptable thing, and it changes our society.

The studies  show that if we take a group of male and female college students, both of them are likely to say that they had twice as many hookups as first dates. And they actually liked it.

More Hookup Statistics

Here are some statistics provided by American Psychological Association  and Statista  :

  • About 60-80% of college students had hookup experience
  • About 80% of men and 60% of women were satisfied with their experience
  • Revenue in the Casual Dating segment is likely to reach $1,38 million in 2021
  • Revenue is expected to grow by 7.5% every year, reaching $1,721 by 2024

Simply put, a lot of men and women do it, they will keep doing it because many of them like it, and therefore, the online casual dating segment is expected to grow. Yes, it is no secret that people find partners not only in college but also after they graduate. And they use paid and free hookup websites and apps to have some fun.

Online Hookups: Web As the Best Place to Find a Partner


So, the modern dating market is not like the dating market we had a few decades ago. Of course, there is no denying that people still look for love online, but more and more people are looking for hookups and one-night stands on sex sites. No commitment, no romance, just sex. Some join casual dating sites as singles, some join as couples, exchange adult amateur photos, videos, meet in real life.

In general, there are two main categories of such websites: open free sites and “closed” communities for premium members. Most of them provide an opportunity to find matches in your neighborhood, so it is the easiest way to meet someone real in your city and even on vacation. This segment is expected to grow. On the one hand, it is good because people can make their sexual fantasies come true without much effort, but on the other hand, the growing number of websites makes it harder for a user to distinguish a low-quality site with fakes from a trusted platform with real people.

Final Thoughts

Decades ago, hookups, one-night stands, and casual sex as such were discourage. However, time passed, and people became more open-minded and ready for experiments. Feminism has changed a lot, too. Women learned to enjoy sex without big expectations, and more and more females join hookup sites to find sex and fun, not love.

After all, it doesn’t matter what exactly makes you happy. Today, people can satisfy their desires without fear of being stigmatized, and this very fact says more about the hookup culture than anything else.

Leo Krans
Leo Krans
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