Getting Out of Friendzone: It Is Possible if You Know These Tips

Getting Out of Friendzone it is Possible

We won’t discuss what is friendzone — you might already know that, though we hope you are just interested in reading our blog and don’t experience unrequited love. A friendzone is a cold dark place, yet you can leave it if you know a few things. This doesn’t mean that you will make a person you love fall for you. But maybe after taking the steps that we are going to discuss here, your friend will realize that the two of you can go further.

Anyway, you will end your suffering.

Let’s consider the two scenarios: a good one with you becoming the one and only for your friend, and the second one with just leaving the feelings and living a happy life, which may be even better for some people.

First Scenario: Make Your Friend View You as a Potential Partner

First Scenario

This doesn’t mean you have to become another person.

However, you need to make your friend change the way they look at you, as right now you are just a bro; and this is a very challenging step. You can either make it quickly and suddenly or take your time making your friend think they’ve fallen for you accidentally and naturally.

“Being Patient” Option

It includes the following steps:

  1. Encouraging your friend to meet with you more often —without other your friends. This will help you to reveal your romantic side. Show that to your potential love step-by-step.
  2. Starting flirting. Sexual attraction is the thing that you don’t have yet between you two and you should develop it carefully. You can do it through special gifts for your friend as a man/woman: perfumes, sophisticated things they like, very special personal gifts, and so on.
  3. Starting to casually touch your friend in a more romantic manner. It will be better if you do it, like, accidentally. You can touch the hands of your friend, you can drop things and ask them to help you to pick them up; you can even ask your friend for a dance. But watch the body language of your potential partner: they may not like all those actions at all, and you should stop it before you spoil your friendship.

And now let’s discuss the way that is more suitable for less patient people.

More Direct Option

If you need to find out if your friend actually likes you or to create a tense situation and shake your relationship up a bit, you can ask a direct question if you like a straightforward way. This can cause two things: you two will become a couple or you two will feel extremely embarrassed and will not even meet again in the nearest time.

You can benefit from both of these results, but the first one is more preferable, isn’t it?

Also, if you’ve got a negative yet polite answer and want to continue being friends with the one you love, you can just ask them to do some regular “friend-like” things — the ones you’ve been doing before your confession. It will help you revive your friendly relationship.

Second Scenario: Leave Your Feelings for Good

Second Scenario

This is also difficult, just like the first option, although it can be a bit quicker. In some cases, the “more direct option” we’ve discussed earlier can make you see the real image of what your friend thinks about you. This will deprive you of hope that he/she loves you but is just silent, which is painful but quick and still will bring you the result you need: you will end up suffering. Also, it doesn’t mean losing your friend, especially if you discuss your feelings. You are friends, after all, and probably have experienced a lot together.

You should never beg for a second chance. If you’ve got a negative answer, accept it and never come with the same question to your friend. You also shouldn’t drink too much trying to forget about your love — alcohol will only make things worse. A much better way is to focus on self-improvement, for example, reading, sports, music, or maybe have a new acquaintance with the help of hookup sites. This will not only help you to get rid of negative emotions but also start a new life with a new you — a stronger person.

Wrapping Up

We hope that you will get what you really need — and sometimes something you need isn’t something you want. Love will find everyone, and who knows, maybe someone amazing is looking at you with the same affection as you look at your friend?