Making the Best Photo for Your Dating Profile: You Will Get the Attention

Making The Best Photo for Your Dating Profile

Your face is beautiful, but catching all that beauty in one shot is challenging, and yet is possible.

With the help of just a bit of information, you will be able to make your profile a magnificent expression of your features of character and facial lines — you will do it through just one photo. We will discuss with you how to choose the main profile picture for hookup sites, how to make a great new one, and how to continue attracting visitors to your personal page.

Choosing a Photo Among those that You Already Have

We are sure you have at least a few photos. We know that you will definitely find:

  • A good clear portrait of yourself (the best option for everyone).
  • A photo where you look happy and emotional (there is nothing better than your smile!).
  • A pic of you with your pet (it is too cute not to post it!).
  • A full body shot (especially if you keep a healthy lifestyle and like sports).

Choose any of the options or take the combination of a few. The main photo should be of a high quality and should show you as you are. Don’t lie to yourself: a photo that doesn’t depict your true beauty will only disappoint your future date.

Making a Great Photo: Basic Rules + Tips and Tricks

Making a Great Photo

Did you decide to take some fresh photos? Let’s see how to do it right:

  1. Pick a comfortable location. You don’t have to take photos at a studio, but you do have to choose a place where you feel comfortable. You should look relaxed, emotional, alive—and this is only possible if you are surrounded by something you like. Even your cozy backyard can be a good place to take some pictures, but if it looks appropriate, clean, and is just a bit decorated.
  2. Pick a good camera. You can make a good photo using an iPhone, but the best result will be achieved with a professional camera.
  3. Find a photographer. You actually don’t need a professional photographer to make a good photo. But if you want to have a professionally-looking photo shoot—ask an experienced specialist to help you get it. Discuss the photo editing with that specialist: you should have an image of how the final photos will look. Don’t go too far with editing because overly polished pictures look cold and off-putting.
  4. Use enough lighting. A professional will do everything for you, but if you want to do everything yourself, take care of enough lighting on a location. One of the best times of the day to take photos is called “the golden hour”. Go outside or make a photo near a window before sunset or immediately after sunrise to get a perfect pic enriched with a light golden hue that will make you look perfect.

So, let’s imagine you’ve got the desired interest. What should you do now?

Hold that!

How to Get Attention to Your Profile?

How to Get Attention to Your Profile

With a few steps, you can not only bring more attention but also make the people who are already interested in you start making steps towards you. Consider the following to save your popularity and increase it with the time:

  • Continue posting photos. Keeping your profile alive is the best way to hold the interest of your visitors and fans. If there is a possibility to post new photos, do it! You will get comments, likes, and new contacts, and if it is what you need, spend some time making fresh pics.
  • Be active on the site and comment on the photos of other users. Having a great profile doesn’t mean you will get plenty of incoming messages. That also doesn’t mean you have to advertise yourself under the photos of other website’s users. Just take your time looking through the profiles of other members and leave some positive comments if you like the depicted person. The chances are high that your compliments will provoke a response and you will get a new friend.
  • Update your profile photo from time to time. Even the best picture shouldn’t stay on your profile forever. You are changing, your style and mimics are changing, and you should show the recent version of yourself to your potential dates. People who visit your personal page will see your recent pics, but the main image will attract new visitors, so remember about spending some time making a new good photo.

Wrapping Up

If you’ve ever used a social network, you will easily handle making your online dating profile attractive, as the rules are pretty the same. Pick a photo among the ones that you have at the start of your dating journey or make a new good one. That’s basically all you need to create the best first impression on your profile visitors.