SkyPrivate Review 2021

SkyPrivate is an adult webcam site, but it has some features that make it really special. Learn more about them, the platform’s pricing policy, privacy protection system, payment methods, girls & boys, and ways to interact with models in our SkyPrivate review. We have already found out how the system works, and we are ready to share this information with you.

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General Rating 8 / 10

SkyPrivate Overview

SkyPrivate Overview

This is a relatively new but already popular platform to meet webcam models. We’d like to emphasize that this is really the place where you can find them, see what they have to offer (how they can dress, what they can do for you, how much it costs), and schedule the call. The most interesting things happen in good old Skype. This is a great concept, but how exactly does it work and how it differs from best hookup site? Let us see.

SkyPrivate Prices

SkyPrivate Members

This is the platform that works with Skype, so joining it and even getting a model’s ID is free. But, you cannot watch shows for free – models set their own costs, and you can see them in their profiles on As for the prices, you choose the amount. The team of SkyPrivate sets only minimum and maximum amounts, which are 10 USD and 200 USD, respectively. Members also can verify accounts by depositing 1000 USD and more. Of course, this is optional.

Free account

As a free member, you can browse the site, use search, and, most importantly, view models’ profiles that are pretty detailed. There, you can see lots of models’ hot pictures, videos, and yes, the price list, as well as the list of things she, he or they can do to give you the best experience available on the web. You can even call models, after all, no one can stop you from doing it, but they will not answer the call if you are not a member and/or have no min amount on your account.


Depositing money allows you to pay models for their shows. Basically, that is all. You get an opportunity to watch the paid show, interact with a model, terminate the call, discuss the problem with a model if something goes wrong, etc.

How To Sign Up For SkyPrivate?

SkyPrivate Sign Up

If you want to sign up for this platform, you need to know your Skype ID, and we recommend you create a new account if you want to watch shows discreetly. So, what you need to do is to:

  1. Visit the official website.
  2. Fill in the registration form, provide your Skype ID, create a password, and enter an email.
  3. Agree to the Terms of Service and click on the “Sign up” link.
  4. Confirm the account setup.

Basically, that is all. Now you can use the platform and watch the shows. Please note that you can use Sky Private without signing up, but there is a zero chance that a model will answer.

SkyPrivate Models

So, who can you meet on SkyPrivate? There are a few categories of models: girls, guys, couples, and transgenders. If you search, you can also find English-, French-, German- or Spanish-speaking camgirl or a camboy who is online, etc. Just do not forget to use filters! As for the number of models, the site does not provide figures, but we could find thousands of hot people on the site.

SkyPrivate Security

The highest level of privacy and safety is one of the main benefits of using SkyPrivate. The company chose Skype because it allows not only to deliver the best-quality shows but also to remain anonymous when watching it. You can choose any of the payment methods, including Bitcoin, that allows making payment anonymously. The site does not collect any data except for your email ( a member can use the new one) and Skype ID (also can be used as a new one). No names, no address, no real phone numbers, or anything like that – this is a completely safe place, but there is one thing the team of SkyPrivate wants you to keep in mind. You should not share your personal details with models, and you will keep your information safe.

Functionality Of SkyPrivate

SkyPrivate Functionality

What is so special about Sky Private? What exactly makes it one of the best webcam platforms? It is all about functions, actually, and these are the best features SkyPrivate offers:

  • Follow models. You can follow up with your favorite girls and still remain “incognito”.
  • Scheduling.  The site makes an effort to give the best experience to all the members and even provides them with an opportunity to schedule shows.
  • Watch HD shows, interact with models. That is why people use it – you can see a girl’s profile on the site, see the prices, find out what she can do, decide if it works for you, call her, pay her, and remain anonymous. In other words, you choose a show and enjoy the performance you expected.
  • Start a career. There is also an opportunity to become a model on Sky Private, and by the way, conditions are pretty good ones.

SkyPrivate Mobile Usability And Interface

SkyPrivate Mobile

As its name suggests, the site is like Skype, but in the world of hot webcam shows. Its developers did a really good job and created a platform that can be used on any device that can run Skype. Therefore, you can use it on almost any type of device without even installing anything – the mobile-friendly version works smoothly.

Customer Service

There are tons of ways to contact support, and we tested all of them. We were glad to know that live chat on the site works as great as email and calls. And yes, the estimated response time is only five minutes, which is great for a webcam website.

Final Words About SkyPrivate

So what about the rankings? Is this the best site? Can it be called one of the most trusted platforms? Yes, it can. More importantly, tons of SkyPrivate reviews and days we spent on the site prove that the system works. Obviously, this is a very interesting concept. There are no tokens or anything like that, but there are no hidden costs or new messengers or unknown video chat apps that can steal your data. You can use the popular app and the Sky Private platform to get the best experience ever. Considering this, why not give it a try?


🔥 What types of webcam models are available on SkyPrivate?

Viewers can choose between male and female models, couples, and transgender models. We think that the site offers one of the widest selection of models, even in comparison with its most popular competitors.

🔥 How safe is

You will hardly find any info about this site in the media, and this is good news for everyone who cares about anonymity. The site allows making payment in Bitcoins, via PayPal, and does not even collect private info of members. This is the perfect site for those who want to enjoy webcam shows discreetly.

🔥 Can I interact with webcam models of SkyPrivate and how?

It is super easy to interact with models. Just become a member, schedule a call on Skype and interact with a model or models in Skype live chat.

🔥 Does SkyPrivate provide its users with a free trial?

No, there is no free trial because models set the prices.