XMeets Review 2021

Hookups are a great way of having fun without any commitments. Earlier, you had to go to public places and then approach others for connections. Now with the development of hookup sites, it has become easy for you to find a hookup partner in a few clicks. But with several websites out there that offer you their best services, it becomes difficult for you to choose one. With this XMeets review, you will know how the site is different from all its competitors and what benefits it has to offer you.

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General Rating 7.5 / 10

XMeets Overview

Overview of XMeets Users

Legit hook up sites are the best way of finding favorable people who have similar interests as yours. And X Meets provides an excellent platform for you to explore your options. With the various features and search options, you can select the exact type of partner you are looking for. It has a huge database and you can contact any one or all of them as per your interest, and begin your fun journey.

XMeets Prices

Membership StatusPrice Per MonthTotal Cost
3 Day Trial2.97 USD / Per Day8.91 USD
1 Month VIP Status29.95 USD / Per Month29.95 USD
3 Months Silver Status16.65 USD / Per Month49.95 USD
6 Months Gold Status11.65 USD / Per Month69.90 USD

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Unlike other websites that fool you with their free membership policies, X Meets makes it clear that you need to pay if you want to enjoy it. However, with the benefits that it holds for you, it is worth the penny. Here are the free and paid membership options that you can explore on the site.

Free account

As said, X Meets is not the site where you can explore options without paying. But you can start free by registering on it. After registration, the site will direct to the payment options, from where you can proceed further.


It is an excellent platform because of its reasonable prices. You can get started with a 3-day trial membership. For that, the site charges you $2.97 per day. You can try and then confirm for a long-term membership plan. The three programs that you can choose from are:

  • Monthly VIP Membership at $29.95 per month. It will renew every month.
  • Silver Membership at $16.65 per month. It will repeat every three months.
  • Gold Membership at $11.65 per month. It will renew every six months.

During the trial period, you get ten profile views, and message sends per day. When you opt for permanent membership, you get unlimited access to these features.

How To Sign Up At XMeets?

The Procedure of sign up on XMeets

The signup process is quite simple with XMeets. All you have to do is:

  • Mention your gender and sexual orientation. The site is intended for straight people.
  • Select a unique username.
  • Create a password and agree that you are of legal age.
  • Provide a valid email address.

And voila! Your sign up process is done. One thing you can consider while signing up is to generate a new email address dedicated to only the hookup sites. It will keep you safe and away from cheating.

Quality Of XMeets Users

One of XMeets Users

With over 150k people online every day, XMeets creates an excellent platform for finding a hookup partner quickly. The best aspect of the site is that it maintains a 50:50 gender ratio. Therefore, it is the best place to explore for both genders. Also, the user base is continually growing as more people are joining every day. You will find valid accounts over here, unlike others who use bots to increase their user base.

XMeets Security

Security plays a crucial role in a hookup website. You tend to share a lot of personal media and financial details. And loose security measures can lead to fraud. But that is not the case with XMeets. With the best encryption method and tight security policies, the site ensures that none of your information or rights get violated on it. Still, it would be best if you remain discreet about what you share with other people.

Functionality Of XMeets

When you have the paid membership, you become eligible to explore the following features:

  • Access to New Members Daily list.
  • Matchmaking feature: this is based on your personal preferences.
  • You can see all the media that your private friends have shared.
  • The exclusive Cell Phone Texting option is opened.
  • Unlimited messaging and profile views: That increases your chances of getting a hookup.
  • Search feature to filter out all the preferable profiles.

XMeets Mobile Usability And Interface

It gets 10/10 for its user-friendly interface. Several hookup websites end up making their sites complicated while incorporating excessive features. But in the case of XMeets, you would see that it is easy to wander around the site and explore features or profiles. There is mobile browser support, but it doesn’t have any app until now.

Customer Service

Another crucial aspect of a hookup company is its customer service. As you might encounter some problems or you might want to report a spam user, it is essential to have a team of the company to which you can contact. With the contact and help sections on it, you can quickly get your queries solved. We contacted the customer service team, which turned out to be quite responsive and helpful in solving our problems.

Final Words About XMeets

XMeets.com is an excellent website with high-security, a great interface, and a vast user base. Also, as the site has years of experience, it keeps a close eye on all the ongoing fraud activities. The variety and number of people show how trusted it is. We, at HookupBro, recommend getting started on the site and seeing all the benefits by yourself.


🔥 Is XMeets legit?

The legitimacy of a website depends on two factors, security and number of genuine users. XMeets fulfill both the criteria and turn out to be one of the best hookup platforms available. Some XMeets reviews did claim a few issues on it, but they were resolved later.

🔥 Which type of relations can I find at XMeets?

It focuses on casual relationships. You can find hookups, one night stands, and several similar types of relationship options. The site only supports straight sexual orientation, which you mention on the first page.

🔥 What payment methods are available at XMeets?

You can make a payment with almost all types of credit cards.

🔥 Do I need to pay for sign up at XMeets?

The signup process doesn’t require any payment. To further explore the site, you would need to move on with one of the membership options.

🔥 What are the guarantees that I'll find a real hookup at XMeets?

We would not lie here because there is no guarantee of finding a real hookup. But with the fantastic features and vast user base, the probability of you finding a genuine partner here is more than most of the available hookup websites.