How to Start Friends with Benefits Relationship?
How to Start Friends with Benefits Relationship

Relationships come with pressure, and everybody knows about it. People were always looking for ways to enjoy the benefits of relationships (mostly physical ones) without any “side effects”, in ...

Making the Best Photo for Your Dating Profile: You Will Get the Attention
Making The Best Photo for Your Dating Profile

Your face is beautiful, but catching all that beauty in one shot is challenging, and yet is possible. With the help of just a bit of information, you will be able to make your profile a ...

Getting Out of Friendzone: It Is Possible if You Know These Tips
Getting Out of Friendzone it is Possible

We won’t discuss what is friendzone — you might already know that, though we hope you are just interested in reading our blog and don’t experience unrequited love. A friendzone is a cold ...

Hookup Culture: A Natural Shift in Dating?

Researchers define hooking up as the “brief uncommitted sexual encounters among people who are not romantic partners.” Well, that pretty much explains everything. If you are dating someone...

How to Have a One-Night Stand? Tips that Actually Work
How to Have a One-Night Stand

People do want to have sex. Sometimes they don’t want to start a relationship. We believe it is perfectly normal. However, though the attitude towards hookup culture and one-night stands...

Main Rules of Safe Hookup : You Can Protect Yourself From Scammers And We Know How
Safe Hookup Rules

Online Hookup looks so attractive with its promises that you will find the love of your life and just a huge number of potential matches. One may assume that online dating is much better...